Best Bed in a Box

If you’re on the hunt for a new mattress, you’ve likely caught wind of the recent disruptions in the online mattress industry. This evolution was originally set in motion by The Casper Mattress, one of the first prominent “bed in a box” concepts. Now, a plethora of models have followed in Casper’s footsteps, with traditional industry titans, emerging players, and brands that might not yet be on your radar all participating.

What’s so Great About a Bed in a Box?

When you opt for a bed in a box over a traditional mattress, you’re setting yourself up for a handful of significant benefits. Key among them are weight, convenience, and price. Bed in a box manufacturers have a unique edge over traditional brick-and-mortar mattress stores as they are able to bypass the middlemen, translating to significant savings in costs and service fees. This enables these brands to provide their offerings directly to customers, without the additional expenses such as labor, showroom, and delivery charges. In addition to more affordable prices, many consumers appreciate the simplicity and ease of ordering a mattress online, unboxing, and assembling it, often with little need for extensive instructions or dealing with potential errors.

Are There Any Downsides to Buying a Bed in a Box?

One major caveat of purchasing a mattress online is that you can’t physically test it before buying, a service typically provided in a physical mattress store. To combat this issue, bed in a box manufacturers offer no-risk sleep trials and satisfaction guarantees, along with innovative designs that simplify the process of buying a mattress online.

Are Bed in a Box Mattresses Made With Quality Materials?

By and large, the materials used to construct bed in a box mattresses are on par with those showcased in traditional showroom mattresses. Modern mattresses typically come in memory foam, latex, or hybrid designs, with hybrid models being a popular pick. Many hybrid bed in a box mattresses boast a high-density base filled with supportive innerspring coils, complemented by the body contouring benefits of memory foam. Among the hybrid bed in a box options featuring memory foam, you can find personalized comfort and support by choosing design features that best cater to your sleep needs.

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