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One of the joys of winter is being able to climb into bed and snuggle down under a warm blanket. And nothing is quite so delightfully warm and snuggly as a fleece blanket, uniquely designed to be soft, warm and durable. But you may be surprised to know what a fleece blanket actually is.

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This ultra-soft microfiber blanket is ideal for year-round use. It balances warmth with a lightweight feel, ensuring comfort. Whether you’re curling up on your bed for a quick snooze, lounging on the sofa watching TV, or even using it during a winter camping trip or in a chilly air-conditioned space, this blanket is your go-to companion.

What is ‘Fleece’?

Fleece is a word we naturally associate with the woollen hide of an animal, but it is also used to describe a synthetic material, usually made from polyester. The soft, fluffy feel of fleece has been created by brushing the fibres of the fabric, thus enhancing its insulating qualities. A variety of thicknesses are available to choose from, according to your needs.

What Are the Advantages of a Fleece Blanket?

  1. Warmth. The insulating qualities of fleece trap air between the fibres, meaning your body heat is not lost into the colder air of the room.
  2. Temperature-regulating. Fleece is especially effective at wicking away moisture, meaning that even if you sweat in bed, the fleece will keep you dry and warm.
  3. Lightweight and durable. The synthetic fabric is both lightweight and long-lasting, making fleece blankets easy to store and ideal for travel or picnics.
  4. Easy to care for. Fleece blankets won’t shrink or wrinkle and are machine washable, keeping their softness and shape even after many washes.

Questions You Might Have


Increasingly, yes. Polyester uses petrochemicals, but many manufacturers are turning to recycled plastic bottes instead, so it is becoming a much more sustainable choice as time goes on.


Yes, it’s an aspect of all synthetic fibres that they can cause static, though this can be mitigated by the use of a fabric softener during washing or dryer sheets in your tumble dryer.


Fleece blankets are extremely versatile and are often used as picnic blankets, throws or bedspreads as well as a cosy wrap during sleep or just while relaxing on the sofa.


Fleece blankets do not need cleaning as often as sheets, but it depends on the frequency of use. Other than when they are obviously dirty, wash them every few weeks.

Fleece blankets are a versatile and durable option for keeping warm, whether it’s as a layer of warmth on your bed or just wrapped around you as you relax of an evening.

Key Elements to Keep in Mind

Having a hard time deciding on the ideal fleece blanket for your house? Here are some aspects to ponder:

  • Fleece Type: The type of fleece is a critical aspect when choosing the most suitable blanket for your home. For instance, a sherpa-fleece blanket will be plushier than a pure fleece one, but not as compact. Consider your comfort priorities to narrow down your fleece type preference.
  • Blanket Size: Where do you envision utilizing your blanket? On a trip, or perhaps on your bed? Keep the appropriate size in mind while shopping for a blanket.
  • Color Choices: If aesthetic harmony in your home is important to you, then the color or pattern of the blanket should be one of your key considerations.
  • Budget: Blankets, particularly weighted ones, can be a considerable expense. How much are you prepared to invest in a high-grade blanket? To what extent?

Pure Fleece

Pure fleece blankets are usually lighter and more compact compared to others. They are typically thin, making them ideal for travel. They also have good breathability, which makes them suitable for use throughout the year.


Sherpa-fleece blend blankets tend to be softer than just fleece. They are often thicker due to the varied fiber content, providing extra warmth and bulkiness. While not as portable as pure fleece, they offer superior insulation and softness.

Weighted Fleece

Weighted fleece blankets are similar to traditional fleece blankets but are imbued with synthetic micro-beads that add weight. This added weight can help induce sleep and create a relaxed, stress-free environment before slumber. However, due to the additional weight, they are not the best choice for travel.

How Large Should My Blanket Be? Fleece blankets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here’s a convenient guide to help you choose the correct size for your blanket:

  • Throw Blanket: 50 by 60 inches
  • Twin Beds: 90 by 65 inches
  • Full Beds: 90 by 85 inches
  • Queen Beds: 90 by 90 inches
  • King Beds: 90 by 110 inches

To Conclude

Whether you’re searching for a toasty blanket to navigate the freezing winter, or simply a breathable fabric to lounge in year-round, a fleece blanket is a stellar choice. From the adaptable reversible fleece to the sleep-promoting weighted comfort, you’re bound to identify the best fleece blanket that caters to your needs swiftly.

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