Best Pillows for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be very disruptive of sleep, resulting in restlessness as we seek a comfortable position. Although there are healthcare solutions to this, the answer may lie closer to hand. There are pillows that have been designed specifically to address shoulder pain, so here is a guide to help you choose the right one.

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The neck pillow boasts an innovative butterfly-shaped design that merges with the features of a conventional bed pillow, leading to notable relief from neck pain. This butterfly form offers unique resting spots for your arms. Its contoured design ensures that your neck is positioned at an optimal height, providing exceptional support as you sleep. The central indentation ensures the head is well-supported, aligning it seamlessly with the body and spine. Crafted from CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex approved memory foam, this cervical pillow delivers both plush comfort and robust support for a restful night.

What Should I be Looking For?

It is easy enough to strain one of the many tendons, muscles or ligaments in our shoulders, which are complex joints in which any degree of inflammation can cause us serious discomfort. Sleeping with the wrong pillow can cause such pain, or just make it worse; but the right pillow can reduce pressure, provide the support we need and offer us welcome relief.

Types of Pillow for Shoulder Pain

  1. Cervical pillows – their curved design supports the neck while relieving pressure by allowing the shoulder to fit comfortably underneath.
  2. Contour Memory Foam – these pillows have an ergonomic shape which cradles the head and supports the neck, taking pressure off the shoulders.
  3. Wedge Pillows – these elevate your body by altering its angle in relation to your pillow, thereby relieving pressure on the shoulders.
  4. Side-Sleeper Pillows – designed for those who sleep on their sides, they have a niche for your shoulders which reduces pressure on them.

Choosing the Right Pillow

This is a very personal issue, but there are some important issues for you to consider in relation to your own needs.

MATERIAL – Memory foam adapts to your personal size and shape and learns the contours of your body, providing good support. Latex is also supportive and is additionally hypoallergenic. Feather or down pillows are softer, but may not offer adequate support.

SLEEPING POSITION – If you sleep on your side, you will need a thicker pillow to fill the gap between your shoulders and your head. Back sleepers will manage with a pillow of medium height, whilst front sleepers will need a thinner pillow.

THICKNESS AND SIZE – This is something to take advice on and experiment with. It is not necessarily an easy decision to make as to what is right for you, but a healthcare professional may be able to offer some suggestions.

What Else Should I Know

MATTRESSES – Pillows are not the sole answer and your mattress should complement your pillow and take into account your natural sleeping position. A mattress that is too firm or too soft may be a factor in exacerbating shoulder pain.

POSTURE – How your body lies in a sleeping position can be affected by your posture during the day. Avoid placing unwelcome strain on your shoulders, stand upright and flex your shoulders to relax the muscles from time to time.

STRETCHING – Do some gentle stretching before you go to bed to relax your shoulder muscles and relieve the tension of the day.

Shoulder pain is a disruptive issue for many of us. But taking care to find the right mattress and pillow can make a huge difference.

User Manual: Choosing the Ideal Pillow for Shoulder Pain Relief

One of the common queries we receive from our audience involves alleviating shoulder, neck, and upper back discomfort. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to pillows. Everyone’s body and sleep routines, encompassing sleep positions, are unique. This is why we provide an array of pillow reviews to cater to diverse needs. Selecting the ideal pillow for shoulder pain involves considering several factors. Here, we provide our comprehensive guide to help you find the perfect shoulder pain pillow that suits you.

Examine the Material of the Shoulder Pain Pillow

Numerous materials are available for chiropractic supportive pillows. We’ve made efforts to include non-latex varieties, including natural latex, as they can cause serious problems for those allergic to them. On the flip side, latex is acceptable for many individuals. Therefore, ensure you factor this in when picking your pillow.

Usually, your pillow might be filled with some kind of shredded memory foam. Check with the maker if the material is patented and unique to make sure it doesn’t cause you any discomfort. Natural fabrics can also be a good choice, but wool, cotton, and natural down may not retain their shape as well as memory foam. They may also cause allergic reactions in those with sensitivities.

Is Your Shoulder Pain Pillow Medically Approved?

Most of the aforementioned options have been vouched for by chiropractors. Some received favorable feedback from orthopedists. If you’re undergoing treatment for shoulder pain, kindly consult your doctor about your choice before purchase. Ensure your selected pillow has considerable real user feedback before buying.

What’s the Verdict From Other Buyers on the Pillow?

We highly regard user reviews. It’s because while manufacturers can make various claims (within legal boundaries), genuine, unbiased user reactions are probably what interest you more. Always make sure to peruse verified customer reviews. You might find specific advantages or disadvantages mentioned by reviewers, which could determine if the pillow is suitable for you.

Deciding on the Perfect Price Range

Let’s be frank: there’s a wide range of prices for shoulder pain pillows. Our research shows that the price tag isn’t everything. Countercheck the materials, the size and shape of the pillow, and the reviews to ascertain if you’re getting the best value for your money. On the flip side, we advise against just opting for the least expensive pillow. Your shoulder and spinal health are paramount. If you stumble upon what seems to be an irresistible deal, pause and reassess to ensure the product matches its attractive price with quality.


Choosing the right pillow can be a game-changer. Once you discover a pillow that alleviates pressure points in your upper back, you’ll be surprised at how it can lessen your shoulder pain. Use the guide above to commence your journey in finding the most suitable pillow for shoulder pain. Always remember to conduct your own research – a bit of reading can prove immensely beneficial. Your shoulders will appreciate your effort!

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