Best Pillow for Neck Pain

Sleep is meant to be a refreshing of our mind and body, so waking with pain is more than just a nuisance – it can seriously affect our mental health and ruin an entire day. Neck pain is very easy to acquire and one of the principle causes of neck pain is having the wrong kind of pillow. So here are some thoughts on how to choose the right kind of pillow.

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The Ergonomic Pillow offers a choice between two height options and boasts an armrest feature, letting you find the perfect fit for your needs. It’s expertly designed to mold to your body, spreading pressure evenly and minimizing the unease that comes from unsuitable sleep positions. This pillow is a lifesaver for those constantly battling neck discomfort or stiffness and is also a great tool for postural adjustment. With its distinct contour, the Anvo memory foam pillow nestles your head and neck, ensuring that your spine remains straight while you sleep, fostering a more beneficial sleep posture. It’s a dream come true for side, back, and stomach sleepers alike. Rely on this neck pillow to provide consistent comfort night after night!

Why is the Right Pillow Important?

The angle at which we place our neck in relation to our spine is crucially important. When we are standing or sitting, the neck takes up a naturally comfortable position. But when we sleep, the wrong shape or size of our pillow can force our neck into an unnatural and uncomfortable shape in relation to our spine. The result is that we wake up with what can be quite serious neck pain, due to the way we have strained our muscles as we slept. The cumulative effect of this can be extremely uncomfortable.

What is the Right Pillow to Avoid Neck Pain?

Because the angle of support for our neck is the crucial factor, memory foam pillows provide the best solution. They allow our head to settle into the pillow, whilst giving it the support it needs, so that this angle is a natural and comfortable one. Too thick or too thin a pillow is a guarantee of neck stiffness or pain. Contour pillows are also designed to support and cushion in all the right places.

How Often Should I Replace My Pillow?

It is recommended that pillows are replaced every 1-2 years. Quality pillows become less supportive over time just as cheaper pillows do; they just last a little longer.

Is a Higher Pillow an Advantage?

Probably not. It’s a very individual question, but the issue is not the height of the pillow – it’s the angle that is created between your neck and your spine. The neck should form a straight line with your spine. If this alignment is out, you are likely to experience pain.

What About Side Sleepers?

Side sleepers have to fill the space between their shoulders and their head so that their neck is properly aligned with their spine, which may require a thicker pillow. There are pillows that are labelled as suitable for side sleepers, but otherwise pillows with an adjustable filling are probably suitable.

What About Front Sleepers?

Front sleepers usually benefit from a thinner pillow so that their neck is not being thrust upward into an unnatural position. A thicker pillow in this instance can cause stiffness and neck pain.

Sleeping position and the shape and filling of your pillow all contribute to your comfort. Knowing how you sleep and taking care in choosing your pillow is important to ensure comfort. The best pillow won’t necessarily be the most expensive – it will just be the one that suits your needs. It’s worth taking the time to make the right choice.

Sleeping Position

Different sleeping positions require different levels of support. The type of pillow you get should be compatible with your sleeping position so that you get the most support from it. Your sleeping position also determines how high the pillow needs to be, so keep that in mind when purchasing a neck pillow.


Cervical pillows can be made with different materials that offer different benefits and levels of support. Whether you prefer memory foam or are looking for something along the lines of gel or water, it’s incredibly important to know the type of material your pillow has so that you can get the most support out of it.


Nobody wants to throw out their pillows after a few days of use, especially considering its price tag. When buying a cervical pillow, make sure to check online reviews and ask store personnel regarding its durability. Something that supports your neck and alleviates your neck and back pain should last you a long time.

There are multiple options available for neck pillows on the market. Some of them are more expensive while others have more features. Regardless, you should know what you’re looking for before making the decision to buy a pillow for neck pain. Hopefully, this list has equipped you with the knowledge necessary to make an educated choice before your next purchase and will help you get the relief you deserve!

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