Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

Each of us has our own preferred sleeping position, developed, probably subconsciously, over many years. Ultimately, that position is the most comfortable one for us, but that doesn’t mean it is without its problems. Each position has its own issues and pillows are often the solution. So here are some thoughts on pillows for side-sleepers.

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The Importance of Pillows

Most of us know what it is like to wake up with an unexpected pain in our neck or back and usually this is the result of us having slept in an unnatural position that has twisted our spine or placed pressure on our neck muscles. For side sleepers, this can be because our pillow has not given us the support we need to correctly align our neck with our back, tilting our head too high or too low and straining our muscles. The perfect pillow for side sleepers should…

  • Bridge the gap between our shoulders and our head.
  • Ensure that our spine is aligned correctly.
  • Support the natural curve of our neck.


What is inside your pillow is going to determine the level of support it gives you. It may also affect your breathing if you have any allergy issues. Here’s what you need to know about fillings.

  1. MEMORY FOAM – This adapts to the shape of your head, giving you specifically relevant support. It is also hypoallergenic.
  2. LATEX – A natural product, it is resistant to mites and bed bugs and offers firm but comfortable support.
  3. SYNTHETIC – Usually polyester, these are also hypoallergenic and can have the feel of feathers or down without the risk of allergens.
  4. FEATHER/DOWN – Luxurious, but perhaps not with the level of support you might need. They can also cause or trigger allergies.

Height (Loft)

The height of a pillow when laid flat is known as its loft. This is decisive for side sleepers. A low loft (3 inches or less) is probably only suitable for small bodies, while a high loft (6 inches or more) is best for those of us with broad shoulders and a bigger build. Most side sleepers will need a medium loft, which is around 4 to 5 inches.


There are specially designed contour pillows that offer an alternative to the traditional rectangular pillow. Some offer indents to fit the shoulder, others provide a curve to support the neck, whilst others still have elevated sections to align the neck and spine correctly.


Here are some additional tips for side sleepers.

  • The wrong pillow can cause or exacerbate pain, so choose carefully.
  • Replace your pillow as soon as it stops doing its job, but anyway every 2-3 years.
  • If necessary, use more than one pillow. The important thing is not the number of pillows but the angle at which they place your neck. If you need more than one to get this right, go ahead.

Think carefully, choose carefully and you will be rewarded with the support and quality sleep you desire.

Importance of Size

In the realm of support, the size of your pillow plays a crucial role in achieving the neutral spinal posture necessary for side sleepers. To ensure your head and neck maintain an elevated profile, it’s recommended that side sleepers choose medium to large-sized pillows.

Understanding Loft and Profile

Loft, a bedding industry term primarily referring to pillow height, is a key factor to consider while selecting a suitable pillow. The loft can vary based on sleeping position, body type, and other considerations. Most side sleepers find pillows with a medium loft of around three or more inches beneficial. This type of profile assists in supporting the head and ensuring cervical spine alignment.

Choosing Medium to Firm Adaptive Support

For most side sleepers, a pillow that offers medium to firm adaptive support is ideal, with a focus on balanced support. Pillows made of memory foam, dynamic foam, or down feather provide this type of support while also adapting comfortably to the shape of your head and neck.

Considering an Orthopedic Pillow

Side sleepers often experience chronic neck pain, stiffness, and morning headaches due to improper alignment. An effective solution is to use a contoured orthopedic pillow, which promotes correct sleeping posture, thereby alleviating symptoms linked to various sleep disorders such as chronic snoring and sleep apnea.

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