Best Mattress Toppers for Side Sleepers

Everyone has their own favoured position in which to sleep – side, front or back. Those of us who sleep on our sides, however, have particular issues; and these can be mitigated by having a mattress topper. So, here are some thoughts on mattress toppers for side sleepers.

Do you require a specialized mattress topper due to your specific sleeping position? The answer, according to a majority of customers, is a resounding “yes!” Many state they wouldn’t want to be without theirs. Sleep experts concur. Sleeping in any position other than on the back (maintaining appropriate neck alignment) or on a sagging mattress can intensify persistent discomfort. But for a multitude of individuals, sleeping on the side feels natural. The solution is an excellent mattress topper. However, achieving comfort doesn’t mean you have to overspend. Keep these considerations in mind when shopping for a mattress topper.

Our Recommendation 🇺🇸

Transform your sleeping environment with a dual-layer mattress topper designed for the pinnacle of coziness. The top layer, made of soft fiberfill, offers immediate relief the moment you lie down. Beneath that, the gel memory foam with superior ventilation ensures that excessive heat is drawn away from your body, maintaining a steady sleep temperature all night. This means you’ll drift off quicker and stay in dreamland for longer periods. The adaptable memory foam also eases pressure points, reducing the chances of restless tossing and turning. Additionally, your mattress’s lifespan will be prolonged with this refreshed nighttime cushioning.

Why do Side Sleepers Need Mattress Toppers?

Side sleepers have particular issues that are not of concern to those who sleep on their front or back; these are issues of pressure on our hips and shoulders. These bones tend to stick out a little and, when we sleep, they press into the mattress. This can mean that we wake up with some soreness in those areas as well as back or neck pain due to the fact that our spine has not been aligned properly. A mattress topper provides the additional cushioning and support that minimises or even eliminates these problems.

What to Look for in a Mattress Topper

MATERIAL – Because memory foam adapts to the contours of your body, it offers the ideal support and cushioning for side sleepers. The extra layer of padding reduces the pressure on our bony extremities and allows our body to rest in a well-supported position throughout the night.

THICKNESS AND DENSITY – A thickness of 2-4 inches provides the ideal balance between comfort and support. Maximum pressure relief is obtained by choosing a topper of medium to high density so that your body is amply cushioned and no part of it is pressing through to the mattress.

What Else Should I Know?


Shoulder pain is a particular issue for side sleepers and relates to your pillow as much as the surface on which your shoulder is resting. But, yes, a mattress topper can significantly reduce shoulder pain as it provides the support your shoulder needs whilst simultaneously reducing the pressure. A good mattress topper will allow your shoulder to settle comfortably into its cushioning and remove the tension we sometimes feel, which in turn can cause some neck pain.


A quality mattress topper has a natural life of between three and five years, depending on use. However, if you check for signs of sagging or wear and tear when you change your sheets, you will notice when it is reaching the point when it needs replacing.


This is rather dependant upon the material used in the topper. For example, memory foam can become softer when it is heated, which lessens its effectiveness in contouring to your body, so this may be an issue. But you should always check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that any heat pads or heated blankets are safe to use with your topper.

As much as 41% of us sleep in a foetal position, according to research, which is a side-sleeping position, so mattress toppers are well worth considering to enhance our quality of sleep.

The Thickness of the Mattress Topper

We advocate for mattress toppers that are over 2” in thickness. The reasoning is that if your mattress is sagging or uneven, a mere couple of inches might not provide enough support. Conversely, a mattress topper that’s too thick might cause difficulty when trying to stretch your sheets over it. We recommend considering toppers in the range of 2″-4″ (combined layers) for a balance of comfort and practicality.

Returns Policy and Warranty

Regardless of an attractive price point, we recommend avoiding a mattress topper that doesn’t provide some form of customer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re delving into your own research on mattress toppers for side sleepers, keep this in mind.

Mattress Topper Sizing

A topper that’s too small will appear somewhat unusual once the bed is made, and a too large one will drape over the sides. If you have a non-standard size mattress, ensure the topper you select is compatible.

Reviews on Mattress Toppers for Side Sleepers

The most reliable source for understanding the true performance of a mattress topper is from confirmed customers. Ensure the reviews you rely on are unbiased (i.e., not a result of a free or discounted product for a positive review). Also, verify there is a significant number of reviews. More feedback from a diverse range of customers is always better. Ideally, a mattress topper should have at least 50 reviews.


For side sleepers who often wake up with aches, there is no need to worry. Current mattress toppers for side sleepers have greatly improved. They ease pressure on delicate areas, help align your spine, and offer a sleep experience akin to floating on a cloud. A bit of research can guide you to a fantastic mattress topper that promises the most restful sleep you’ve ever had.

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