Author name: Julie Harris

I’ve dedicated my career to exploring the depths of bedding innovation and understanding the intricacies of a good night’s rest. My journey in the sleep industry has allowed me to test countless bedding products, collaborate with publications, and empower many to achieve their optimal sleep.

Best Linen Sheets

Sourced from the leaves of the flax plant, linen provides a natural substitute for synthetic winter bedding, which often lacks breathability and is susceptible to overheating. For those seeking a naturally insulating alternative to flannel, linen sheets offer unique characteristics, including natural fibers, a distinctive feel, and superior temperature control. Our Recommendation 🇺🇸 SONORO KATE …

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Best Futon Mattress

If you’ve never experienced the lavish, back-supporting comfort of a conventional Japanese futon, reading this might make you want to test one out. Our Recommendation 🇺🇸 FULI Japanese Futon Mattress Japanese-style futons are the most sought-after beds from Japan. These soft, flexible mattresses, traditionally laid on tatami mats, offer a balanced combination of airiness and …

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Best Futon

Futons, with their deep roots in Eastern tradition, have been providing comfort and support for many centuries. In recent times, their popularity has surged globally! Today’s futons exhibit a rich diversity in designs. At times, it’s even challenging to distinguish them from sofas, chaise lounges, or loveseats. However, futons usually offer superior support for your …

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Best Flannel Sheets

The aesthetics and comfort of your bed can significantly influence your sleep pattern. Given the crucial part sleep plays in ensuring peak performance, it’s essential to get it right! After diligent research, we are convinced we have found the perfect flannel sheets for you. The quality is paramount because premium flannel sheets promise a warm, …

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The Best Firm Mattress

Were you aware that using a firm mattress can help relieve many symptoms commonly associated with aging like back discomfort, morning stiffness, and lethargy? It may appear strange, but a mattress providing firm support can actually lead to greater comfort than a plush one. This is mainly because our bodies require core stability, balanced weight …

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The Best Feather Pillow

Feather pillows have been with us for thousands of years and have been a popular addition to bedrooms around the world. The luxurious, downy feathers that snuggle baby birds through the first few days and weeks of their lives have long been sought to provide comfort in sleep for humans as well. Feathers are firm, …

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