Author name: Julie Harris

I’ve dedicated my career to exploring the depths of bedding innovation and understanding the intricacies of a good night’s rest. My journey in the sleep industry has allowed me to test countless bedding products, collaborate with publications, and empower many to achieve their optimal sleep.

Best Electric Blanket

Quality sleep is a key part of overall well-being, and comfort plays a critical role in achieving this. Unfortunately, getting to the right level of comfort might be challenging if your blanket doesn’t meet your specific needs. An ideal electric blanket not only ensures safety but also distributes warmth evenly across its surface, providing complete …

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Best Cotton Sheets

Cotton is synonymous with softness and comfort and mankind has been using it for thousands of years. It is by some distance the fabric of choice for bedding as it is both resilient and comfortable. Here’s why cotton is such an ideal choice; and why it remains the choice of the discerning buyer. Our Recommendation …

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Best Cotton Blankets

Ever since the art of weaving rendered animal skins redundant as a means of keeping warm at night, textiles and fabrics have been the material of choice. For many years, that choice was wool. But now, advances in fabric technology have brought cotton blankets into their own as a versatile and comfortable option. So, here’s …

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Best Comforter Sets

Your Comprehensive Guide to Buying Comforter Sets When it comes to furnishing your new mattress, you might consider any comforter set to be suitable. But, if you’ve ever wrestled with an uncomfortably hot or rough blanket in the night, you’ll know that putting in a little more thought before purchasing is crucial. Here are some …

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Best California King Mattress

Having a California King-sized mattress is no longer seen as a decadence. Fortunately, present-day California King mattresses are surprisingly cost-effective and made from materials that can enhance your sleep comfort beyond what you may expect. It’s important to note that a mattress, no matter how impressive, is still a personal preference, and individuals’ requirements can …

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Best Bed in a Box

If you’re on the hunt for a new mattress, you’ve likely caught wind of the recent disruptions in the online mattress industry. This evolution was originally set in motion by The Casper Mattress, one of the first prominent “bed in a box” concepts. Now, a plethora of models have followed in Casper’s footsteps, with traditional …

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